Rebuilding and upgrading envelope machines

Eurimashine – upgrade envelope machines


By using our rebuilding and ugrading services for envelope machines, you gain access to an extensive range of after-sales services.

After-Sales Support

From a single spare part to complete service packages, tailored to your specific needs, Eurimashine can assist you in achieving maximum output and minimum downtime.

Tecnical support for envelope machines

Technical Support

Caring for your machine

Even the best W+D envelope machine will only continue to perform at its best if it is well maintained and upgraded regularly. Eurimachine offers you a comprehensive modernization service in line with state-of-the-art technology for improved performance and high output of your existing W+D envelope machinery.


Our modernization services range from standard technical upgrades to complete machine rebuilds. They are always in line with current safety regulations and draw on cutting-edge technology. We assist you in producing new solutions on upgraded machinery and in maintaining your existing line layouts.


Our experts support you on-site and help you to achieve increased durability, higher efficiency and improved availability.




  • Upgrades for improved performance
  • Up-to-date safety features
  • Obsolescence management
  • Complete refurbishment programs
  • Machine rebuilds and overhauls
  • Equipment relocation


We work closely with you to ensure your envelope machines receive the best possible care.

Technical Projecting

If you need a new spare part to increase your production or performance, our designers will make one specifically for your envelope machines, requirements, and constraints.


Have you searched but can’t find a part on the market that would increase your productivity? 


You can count on us to make a project and manufacture a custom part tailored to your machine to help you achieve your business objectives.

The greatest advantage of having us manufacture your custom part is our turnkey approach, which significantly reduces the number of people involved in the project and the time frame. 

Technical design envelope machine

Technical Design

At EURIMASHINE, we are proud to offer an industrial design service that meets the needs of our clients.
We can design solutions for the production of parts and units, modifications and modernization of production envelope machines and equipment.

We are engaged in design activities and the adaptation of drawings to simplify production.

We offer design solutions for modifications and reconstructions of spare parts

Our industrial designers are trained to assist you in any of your projects, whether you need to have a part or equipment designed or a technical assembly revised.
Our highly versatile team of engineers and designers can efficiently intervene in different types of projects. 


We can start from a simple idea, a concept or a sketch to provide you with the design you need.


  • Design of steel structures
  • Design of mechanical part components
  • 3D modelling


No matter your objective, we can draw up plans to create new equipment, or recondition existing equipment.
Our designers use state-of-the-art software for 3D modelling, 3D animations, overall plans and detail drawings.


  • Solid Works©
  • Autocad©

Service & Maintenance

In our company, we give your envelope machines a new life.
Eurimashine is proud to offer envelope machines rebuilding and upgrading services that meet the specific needs of companies all over the world.

Rather than having to buy new equipment, you can extend the life of your equipment, increase its performance, or even adapt it to new functions.


Our machine rebuilding services include:

  • Replacement of worn mechanical parts
  • Electrical system update
  • Integration of new technologies (IT)
  • Increase of the machine’s power and speed – performance of machines


Our engineers upgrade various components of your machines:

  • Electromechanics
  • Mechanics
  • IT
  • Electric
  • Pneumatics
  • Hydraulics
  • And more


After many years of use, your envelope machine’s wear and tear decrease its productivity and precision.

Our team restores the productive capacity of your old machines to perfection by using premium quality machined mechanical parts. Designed and manufactured in our own workshop, these components are durable and efficient.

You can count on our mechanical manufacturing expertise to help you maximize your equipment’s ROI (return on investment).

When you entrust us with your machine rebuilding, our team offers you solutions that will extend its lifespan and optimize its performance. In short, we help you make your production equipment profitable.


If one of your machines needs an upgrade, an entire team of engineers, machinists, welders, and mechanics will put their expertise to work to provide you with a complete solution. Plans and estimates, part manufacturing, disassembly, industrial painting, assemblies, we take care of everything.

reversible engineering

Reversible & Engineering

Reverse engineering allows us to reproduce parts that work in your preferred mechanical setups. Reverse engineering provides us with information about the design of a product or component. When done successfully, reverse engineering gives us a virtual copy of the blueprint that went into the original design. Reverse engineering is perhaps the most accurate way to recreate the designs for parts that went out of production decades beforehand. In cases where the original blueprints are long since lost or destroyed, reverse engineering is perhaps the only way to bring such products back to life.


One of the most common reverse engineering applications is legacy parts replacement, which involves examining and reproducing select parts of larger machines to keep them in operation.


Every once in a while, one of the machine parts will wear out and need to be replaced. If the machine is old, certain parts might no longer be in production, either because the OEM no longer makes the part of is out of business.


If you cannot get your hands on the parts you need because they are no longer produced by the manufacturer or the manufacturer’s delivery times are too long, we will manufacture them for you in no time!


We can identify and reproduce different parts as per their original specs and recognized industry standards.
Reverse engineering is necessary for the continuity of today’s existing manufacturing systems. Without reverse engineering, companies would be forced to replace entire machines regularly, investing vast sums of money in the process.


With reverse engineering, you can retain the products that work and recreate parts that fail, regardless of the product’s age and whether or not the original maker is still in business. At Eurimashine, we do reverse engineering for envelope machinery industries.

Relocation, Assemble and Dismantling

Eurimashine offers envelope machinery and equipment assembly and installation services.

Our interventions guarantee that your equipment will be perfectly assembled using the best tools and techniques.

We can also come to your location to install your equipment and reduce delays and middlemen.


Our assembly and installation services meet a variety of business needs:

  • Dismantling and equipment assembly
  • Relocation equipment
  • Industrial equipment upgrades
  • Machine calibration
  • System configuration
  • And more


If you want your industrial equipment to be reliable and efficient, you should not take its assembly and installation lightly. When you choose Eurimashine for your new machine’s assembly, you know that you are dealing with talented specialists who have proven expertise and will bring your projects to life. If you need our team’s help to install new equipment, we will come to your facilities with everything you need. You can be sure that your machine will operate to its full potential and in full compliance.



Mechanical equipment assembly and installation requires a variety of industrial mechanics skills.